10 FITNESS MYTHS IN 10 MINUTES | What the Science Says: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Tracking Reviews

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WHAT’S UP Y’ALL happy new year!! We’re kicking 2019 off with some myth busting and science talk today. I tried to mix it up with these myths and throw in some of the more common ones as well as some of the less talked about ones that I know I’ve definitely struggled with. Timestamps + references will all be listed below. I hope you dig this!


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(MYTH #1 – tracking calories isn’t accurate and so you shouldn’t do it)

(MYTH #2 – calories don’t matter if you eat clean)

(MYTH #3 – you don’t need to track calories if you’re keto)

Insulin…an Undeserved Bad Reputation


(MYTH #4 – you don’t need to track calories if you intermittent fast)

(MYTH #5 – negative calorie foods)

(MYTH #6 – tracking calories is restrictive and will ruin your relationship with food)

(MYTH #7 – brown rice is better than white rice)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3402243/ — note effects on hunger and satiety

(MYTH #8 – you need to do a weekly cheat meal to keep your metabolism revving)

(MYTH #9 – eating carbs at night will make you fat)

(MYTH #10 – metabolic damage)

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  1. Abby Pollock says:

    Hey y'all 💛 HAPPY NEW YEAR! In case you missed the timestamps, here you go 👇👇

    MYTH #1 – tracking calories isn't accurate and so you shouldn't do it – 0:58
    MYTH #2 – calories don't matter if you eat clean – 2:01
    MYTH #3 – you don't need to track calories if you're keto – 3:27
    MYTH #4 – you don't need to track calories if you intermittent fast – 5:14
    MYTH #5 – negative calorie foods – 5:56
    MYTH #6 – tracking calories is restrictive and will ruin your relationship with food – 6:59
    MYTH #7 – brown rice is better than white rice – 7:57
    MYTH #8 – you need to do a weekly cheat meal to keep your metabolism – 9:07
    MYTH #9 – eating carbs at night will make you fat – 9:49
    MYTH #10 – metabolic damage – 10:14

  2. Ky Stevens says:

    I just want to feel strong and healthy. Also knowing that I'm doing my best to look after myself 😊 these are my goals.

  3. Aloha Miriam says:

    Very cool video. Very useful! Worth my time deff. So my goal for 2019 is improving my stamina and cardiovascular health and adding strenght.

  4. Lose Weight And get fit, 👋🏻👉🏻🇲🇽🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. My goal is try bulking for the first time ever in my life! Really want to gain muscle ❤️ and grow the booty

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I'm a new subscriber, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Typically, whenever I see a video title like this, I expect that it's going to be anything but science backed information. I watch to see if they accidentally get anything right, have a chuckle at how wrong it is, and sometimes leave a comment expressing some disagreement if it's potentially harmful info. That's exactly the opposite of what this is. This was good, and I'm both glad I watched it and glad you put it out there.

  7. Katie Downs says:

    Trying to gain muscle! But I’m such a hard gainer, any tips??

  8. Kayla Kelley says:

    I do not care what other people say. I have been keto for a while (few months), I track every little thing I eat. I am kinda obsessed with tracking but I like it because it is something I can have under control. I also IF for 18-20 hours a day.
    I did try to not track one day and it was so hard because I was worried I would over eat. The next day after not tracking for a whole day, what do ya know, I gained a 1/2 of a pound. I love this video and you channel!!!

  9. Try to "fix" the post show rebound. Also can you please make a video on really focusing on post show weight gain. I know you touched on it on the last myth but if you could go really into detail on how to really fix the problem. Post show binges.and super weight gain. How to go back to normal. And not ne starving etc

  10. EmmaLynn says:

    Trying to lose and keep off the excess weight this time, despite my SO’s addiction to sweets and being surrounded by unhealthy food 24/7. I have poor impulse control 🤷🏻‍♀️ got my hands full over hear.

  11. I like this video but I would like to say a couple of things. The thing about keto and intermittent fasting and hunger suppress is not abou how density fats occupy in your stomach, is about the ketones properties on your brain and the nucleus that control the hunger and the hormones involved in it . I recommend you to read more about it to completely understand why it is said.
    Good video tho.

  12. My main goal this year is to gain 2-3kg of muscle, loose some fat and get stronger and more flexible.

  13. Remi J says:

    I know that you touched on this for a sec but can someone tell me how to avoid metabolic slow down if I need to lose more than lets say 10-15lbs? I'm afraid of plateauing or shutting my metabolism down to where I'd have to eat basically nothing to continue losing weight…im so overwhelmed with different info out there

  14. Giselle C says:

    Omg please do the keto myth video

  15. wildhearses says:

    When I track my calories with cronometer I actually end up wanting to eat MORE because it also tells me what nutrients I might have missed and I end up having a waaaay healthier relationship with food because I start to view it as medicine.

  16. Lu Nuñez says:

    This video was INCREDIBLE helpful! Thank you so much! 💛

  17. I know for a fact if I eat/snack at night I have a way harder time losing weight

  18. Neha Nagpal says:

    so much good information

  19. Very informative. I especially love that you cite your sources.

  20. UglyCryFace says:

    I’m trying to grow a butt from scratch! And, luckily, I’m already in the right place to do that (here with Abby)!

  21. Um I’ve been doing Keto and OMAD for a year now without tracking calories and I went from overweight to my goal weight in less than a year. I personally feel like it’s the only sustainable diet. And it is very easy to stay full if your eating enough fats. Have to even tried Keto properly for at least 3 months? If you did, you would know that you’re switching your energy source from sugar and refined carbs into fat. So youre running on a much more efficient energy source, feel full for longer and burning fat. If you think Keto isn’t good, all baby’s are in a state of ketosis and back in the hunter gatherer days, most people were living on a Keto diet. Try Keto for 3 months and you’ll understand. you should inform us from personal experience, not from some article you read 😂 just unsubscribed. Idiot.

  22. How come i wasn't subscribed to your chanel yet? Jesus…. gonna hit that subscriber button RN

  23. I stay away from white rice, because I LOVE IT. I lol'd because I ate 1 cup of white rice with butter, scrambled eggs, soya sauce and 2 chopped pickles last night. Ohhhh I cannot stop eating it so I just only eat it here and there because I could def live on it.

  24. mzaprilmae says:

    I love you for your scientific approach!

  25. This video was straight garbage. My goal this year is to not listen to you.

  26. Hi Abby! I'm trying to burn fat and gain muscle. I'm five foot four and only 115 pounds but have so much body fat on my body. I'm about the same weight as I was a few years ago but I'm so much bigger from losing muscle and gaining fat.

  27. So kinda off the topic, but i can’t find any info really about it online…how do you get regular bowel movements with IF?! I’m so constipated but love eating this way.

    I drink 3 L water a day, eat enough fibre, and eat a clean well balanced diet

  28. Eugenie Lai says:

    totally agree on the brown vs. white rice one. Millions in Asia literally eat white rice every day yet stay fit and healthy. don't blame rice people…

  29. Alina Paalz says:

    I’m trying to build my butt and legs this year and go to the gym more! I’m one of those “skinny fat” people. Lol

  30. Shona Taylor says:

    Love this!!!
    My goal this year is to be strong and healthy.
    Going to gym and have a healthy lifestyle.

  31. Mansi Keni says:

    Can you please please do a video about keto.

  32. Mansi Keni says:

    Can you please please do a video about keto.

  33. lydia shaw says:

    Gain muscle for sure.. i am currently 41 and a grandmother of 2, and i want to be that grandma who is healthy, active way into my 80's. I want to be one of those grandma's who put 20 years olds to shame and can run marthons. I started my journey the beginning of last year to just get healthier now i want gain tht muscle.. Love your videos :). Keep up the great work!!

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